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We provide expert consulting services for…

Construction Projects

• Landlord/ Tenant: Repair estimation costs of damages
• Damage cause and effect
• Direct damages (labor / material / equipment / subcontract)
• Extended project costs (general conditions / general requirements)
• Expanded project costs
• Labor productivity loss / disruption
• Cost escalation

Legal Matters on Construction Projects

• Damage evaluations
• Standard of care for construction professionals
• Arbitration and mediation support
• Consulting and testifying experts
• Expert witness testimony
• Insurance subrogation damage estimation support with Certified Subrogation Recovery Professionals (CSRP)®

Keith Sutton

CEO & Operations Management

Construction & Real Estate Expert

Construction & Real Estate Expert

My expert status comes through deep experience.  Over the last 30 years I have built in excess of 500 new homes and rehabilitated over 100 residential structures and commercial buildings.  My work over the years has required me to be current in knowledge with all regulatory codes and construction techniques.

My work as a construction expert involves review of technical data and careful inspection of sites for which I am investigating.  Further, my efforts involve collaboration and consultation with other forensic construction experts, manufacturers’ technical staff, design professionals and building contractors and sub-contractors.  The combination of both allows me to decipher problematic situations with certainty and confidence.

In addition to my construction expertise, I have extensive knowledge and experience with landlord/tenant issues.  As the owner of multiple residential dwellings and commercial structures I am particularly familiar with the laws associated with the landlord/tenant relationship.

Property management expertise. We are qualified to opine involving disputes relating to the claims involving proper protocol for property management for both tenant  and landlords.



I am newly appointed as an American Association Arbitrator panel member. With real-world experience in the complex construction industry, I can readily work on cases dealing with construction-related complaints. In deposition or under oath on the stand and because of my inherent understanding of the matter I remain levelheaded when challenged.

In the cases with which I have been involved I am secure that my understanding of the particulars relating to contracts, construction disputes and valuations have allowed me to am able to discern valid information much more readily than those who does not have an inherent comprehension of evidence.

My lifelong career in the construction industry has afforded me the ability to create detailed and powerful reports clearly identifying key issues leaving no room for doubt on the decision of right or wrong.  Lastly, and of note and distinction, my expertise allows me to represent both defendants and plaintiffs for expert testimony from mediation to testifying in front of a jury.

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Your team is important and we know it. Customize the team element to your needs and make sure everything looks perfect

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